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RaeSun Botanics Vitamin C + Zinc Complex | Extra Strength 1200mg | 120 Vegan Capsules

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RaeSun Botanics Vitamin C + Zinc Complex

  • High Dose Vitamin C - supports healthy immune function in humans, known for the enzymatic repair of tissues and important in immune system function

  • Zinc - during times of stress there is an increased need by the immune system for Zinc

  • SUPPORT - for the body in times where healthy immune function is necessary

  • Vegetable Capsule - non-animal based capsule made from pine tree cellulose

  • Non-GMO - made with natural not genetically modified ingredients.

Health benefits of RaeSun Botanic’s Vitamin C + Zinc Complex | Best Supplement to Support Healthy Immune Function

HEALTHY IMMUNE SUPPORT COMPLEX - it has been proven that Zinc, improves performance of Vitamin C in the body, known as ASCORBIC ACID. ZINC is an essential element for body function in times of stress.. SUPPORTS HEALTHY IMMUNE FUNCTION with 1200 MG of vitamin C . In an easy to swallow and absorb vegetable capsule. ANTI-AGING SUPPORT - vitamin C is required for the production and building of collagen.