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Pure organic Turmeric is nutrient-rich and is commonly used to support joints. Turmeric has been paired with BioPerine® for enhanced nutrient absorption and antioxidant benefits.

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Vitamin C is an immune booster and Zinc is a helpful antioxidant. To support the immune system, Vitamin C + Zinc supplement focuses on the recovery & repair of enzymatic tissue.

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Before starting a diet, a detox is often used to remove toxins from the body to improve the regenerative nature of a cleanse. Colon Detox is great for cleansing the body prior to fasting.

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Magnesium Citrate is a natural mineral essential for many body functions. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to maximize the benefits Magnesium supplements have to offer. Magnesium is able to provide muscles with the nutrient balance needed for muscle relief

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A complete thermogenic fat burner offers natural sources of caffeine from green tea and green coffee beans as well as ashwagandha to help manage stress on the body. Metabolic fat burners target metabolism to support weight loss by helping metabolize food.

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Many seek out testosterone boosters to help build muscle, libido, or balance hormone levels. Natural anti-estrogen booster supplements are often used by women for symptoms of menopause and men in the gym use DIM to regulate hormone levels or reduce water-weight.

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Helping Decrease Inflammation - "...I've dropped 3 lbs since I began the Yohimbine as an appetite suppressant, & the Turmeric is helping manage inflammation due to a right labral tear. I am new to RCR Supplements but I am pleased so far & plan to continue using both products. I recommend giving them a try."


Chris Deane

Best Immune Support - "I’m a nursing student and my professor suggested this product as he is working with really sick patients and this is the one product which helped him from developing any complications and getting sick. I ordered right away for my family and it’s been great!"


Gabby F.

Excellent Quality Product - "This is a solid DIM product. I have been taking it and have been able to feel like it is keeping excess water weight off me. It is stronger than some other products I have bought, Great combo of ingredients for hair, skin, and nails as well."


David Ivancic

Top of the League Turmeric - "I'm a 60 year old still playing soccer and this is by far the best Tumeric supplement I have tried. I play 3 times a week and my joints feel great and and recovery is better than in my 30's!"


Peter Kealy

Excellent for Energy! - "... It’s like drinking 3 cups of coffee. It’s really wonderful if you have difficulty starting your day or getting out of bed. I have 2 small children, so this is perfect for me. It helps me to keep up with their high energy levels and just gives me the boost I need to keep going."


Kayla Franklin

Two In One - "I have been taking this product for a few weeks now. I’m super sensitive to supplements in general but have had zero issues with this one. I wanted some extra protection against all this virus stuff..."


Julie Dumas

Solid Product Great to Keep Water Off - "This product works great to keep my water weight off. I have been feeling more energetic and can see more muscle definition. My skin has been nice and clear as well. I’m happy with the results and will buy this product again. "


Randy Stepho

Great Product - "I love that the capsules are easy to swallow and I can flex my dosage! Days that I am more active I like to take in more to allow for recovery and make sure my body functions well. Im very happy with this product."



Removes my physical pain from the military!!! - "This turmeric is high quality and does the job in removing pain. I have a lot of aches and pains from military and after i take a phew of these it dramatically reduces my pains."


Josh Simpson

Vegan Vitamins & Supplements

Veggie capsules make the best vegan supplement and the highest quality vitamins use veggie pills to support the needs of vegan diets for men and women.

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